The New American Community Information Center, NACIC is a nonprofit organization established in December 2019 to serve and provide information, resources and data to new Americans, immigrants other interests in facilitating their integration and inclusiveness in the community.

NACIC currently has the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, ETSS as fiscal partner.

Most often, immigrants have moved into a new environment with little or no information or knowledge about their community, such as the neighborhoods that are accessible to easy transportation and jobs, laws and guidelines on public conduct, navigating the community, civic duties, education, supportive agencies and organizations including other important aspects and opportunities of community engagement and expectations.

So many requests for information and resources have been made in these areas to the New Americans magazine office, thereby, necessitating the inevitability of this needed resource center – New American Community Information Center.

Considering the urgent need and certain requirements expected of a nonprofit organization we have chosen the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, ETSS as our Fiscal Agent.

The Executive Director of the New American Community Information Center, Deba Uwadiae is an international journalist and author.  


To equip high percentage of the new American community with adequate information and knowledge in minimum time.


Accountable and reliable information