Columbus announces 10 free vaccination centers with offer of $100 visa cash card each

City of Columbus, Ohio has announced 10 walk-in centers for free vaccination with offer of $100 Visa cash card to be given onsite when shot is received till August 16, 2021.
The incentive which began this month holds from noon to 7PM at two centers each on allotted days.

  1. Linden Community Center
    1350 Briarwood Ave.
  2. William H. Adams Community Center
    854 Alton Ave.
  3. Far East Community Center
    1826 Lattimer Dr.
  4. Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services
    4099 Karl Rd.
  5. Barack Community Center
    580 E. Woodrow Ave.
  6. Somali Community Association of Ohio
    3422 Cleveland Ave.
  7. Sullivant Gardens Community Center
    755 Renick St.
  8. Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio
    4646 Tamarack Blvd.
  9. Westgate Community Center
    455 S. Westgate Ave.
  10. St. Stephen the Martyr Church
    4131 Clime Rd.
    Meanwhile, the New American Community Information Center, NACIC is partnering with the ETSS to disseminate information on reaching the new American community effectively.

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