Columbus Free Vaccination Center records impressive turnout

One of the 10 Columbus City free vaccination centers, Somali Community Association on the Northside has continued to record impressive turnout according to the Executive Director of the SCA, Hassan Omar.

The Somali Community Association on 3422 Cleveland Avenue is one of the 10 walk-in centers designated by Columbus City Public Health Department for free vaccination with offer of $100 Visa cash card to be given onsite when shot is received till August 16, 2021.

“I am encouraging people who have not been vaccinated to because we are seeing the cases of a new wave of Covid variant know as Delta variant,” according to Executive Director Hassan Omar.

“We should be able to share the information. The center has been able to host over 700 people. It is open to all Americans and residents in this neighborhood, and we are grateful to the Columbus Public Health for designating our place as one of the centers for vaccination.”

“I took my vaccination and all members of my family. People should not believe rumors that can not be proven. People who have already been vaccinated should encourage those who are still doubting to go and get their vaccination shots.”

Also, one of the visitors to the center, Mohamed Jama of MJ Logistics, Columbus, Ohio said, “it is important that everyone is vaccinated so as to make everyone in the community safe.”

The   exercise begins at every center from noon to 7PM at two centers each on allotted days.


1. Linden Community Center

1350 Briarwood Ave.

2. William H. Adams Community Center

854 Alton Ave.


3. Far East Community Center

1826 Lattimer Dr.

4. Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services

4099 Karl Rd.


5. Barack Community Center

580 E. Woodrow Ave.

6. Somali Community Association of Ohio

3422 Cleveland Ave.


7. Sullivant Gardens Community Center

755 Renick St.

8. Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio

4646 Tamarack Blvd.


9. Westgate Community Center

455 S. Westgate Ave.

10. St. Stephen the Martyr Church

4131 Clime Rd.

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